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OpenPredict Products
TrustPredict generates 1-on-1 options. The project's focus is financial instruments and hence TrustPredict will generate options focused on insurance against price volatility on any asset, even if its unlisted.

TrustPredict targets highly exposed participants of OTC markets, highly liquid traders with dedicated trading partners, or simply friends and acquaintances predicting on asset prices.

OpenPredict offers a simple yet viable product: zero-coding, easy to use smart contract launch for escrow on any predictive event. The underlying contracts function as options issued between two accounts, triggered only if target parameters are reached.
TrustPredict Beta
Step 1
Choose the asset for which your want to launch a predictive price option:

Liquid: Choose from the 100 most popular cryptocurrencies.

ERC-20: Choose from popular ERC-20 tokens or manually add coin by contract address.

Illiquid: Choose an unlisted asset. Once the predictive option expires, involved parties must manually approve the winner. If one disapproves, DAO of OPT stakers decides, leading to higher fees.
Step 2
Set conditions for the winning scenario

The contract creator is automatically on the long position signified by "o" token. The holder of the "o" token wins if the chosen parameter for the contract comes true.

The contract creator can set a specific price and choose, for him to win, should the price be less than/more than the target price, on the expiration date. This format is similar to European Options.


The contract must have an expiry date and it only expires at the expiry date. There is one exception and that is if the contract is for illiquid assets.

For illiquid assets, the contract expiry can be either a specific date or "date of listing." The contract will expire on which ever happens first; this is to safeguard from potential heavy delays in listings of illiquid assets.
Step 3
Contract issuer connects wallet and deposits funds into escrow contract.

He/she will get "o" tokens and a dedicated contract link. The counter predictor/trader can use the link to open TrustPredict, view the terms of the option, and accept to participate on the opposite side of the option.
TrustPredict Margin
1. Enable Margin.

2. Choose asset and its amount to borrow.

3. Launch Option in AAVE tokens and enjoy interest.
Option launched!